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World Health Assembly Passes Landmark Resolution on Air Pollution and Health

In a move that will have multiple benefits for health and climate change, the health sector recognizes air pollution as one of the leading avoidable causes of disease and death globally. Member states and the World Health Organization are called on to take practical steps to reduce exposure to air pollution.

CCAC Moves to Protect Lives and the Climate from Dangerous Pollution

The CCAC High Level Assembly met in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 20th. The Assembly highlighted the close relationship between air pollution, the climate and health and approved the CCAC’s five year strategic plan for fast action to reduce short-lived climate pollutants.

New report outlines strategies to increase funding for black carbon reduction

The Black Carbon Finance Study Group, led by the World Bank Group and United Nations Environment Programme’s Finance Initiative with support from the CCAC, launched a report that reveals existing funds for black carbon mitigation actions and outlines key strategies and steps needed to scale up black carbon finance.

Links between air pollution, climate and health

A new global campaign "Breathe Life" to reduce short-lived climate pollutants that are a significant component of air pollution harming both health and climate.

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By Emilie Prattico, Manager, Partnership Development and Research, BSR

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