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The Climate and Clean Air Coalition Meets in Kathmandu to Tackle Air Pollution

Over 100 state and non-state partners of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition met in Kathmandu to develop a five-year strategic plan of action today.

Reducing Black Carbon in the Region will have Multiple Benefits and Save Lives

The Himalaya region is among the most vulnerable parts of the world to climate change. Retreating glaciers reduce dry-season water availability and increase the risk of glacial lake outburst floods, while increased climate variability and changes in rainfall and monsoon patterns could threaten regional water and food security as well as change the occurrence of landslides and floods.

Andes Regional Conference Examines Alternatives to Open Agricultural Burning

Open agricultural burning is an unnecessary and often harmful practice occuring with dismaying frequency throughout the Andes region, concluded a recent meeting of experts gathered in Lima, Peru to discuss the problem and begin identifying win-win solutions.

Mexico launches new world-class heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards

Mexico, one of the founders and leaders of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, stands to become the first middle-income country in the world to adopt and implement world-class, filter-based standards for heavy-duty vehicles.

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By Dr. Arnico Panday and Helena Molin Valdes

By Durwood Zaelke and Veerabhadran Ramanathan

By Durwood Zaelke, Romina Picolotti, and Veerabhadran Ramanathan

By Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme



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