The Climate and Clean Air Coalition at COP23, Bonn

See below for a list of events the CCAC is organising and participating in at COP23 . For a day to day rundown of our activities please visit this website's events page.

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition is involved in many events during the Climate Conference: We are co-organizing events under the Marrakech Partnership Global Climate Action agenda (MPGCA), will participate in high-level dialogues, and speak at the Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders. Our governance meetings - the High Level Assembly, Working Group and Steering Committee - will also meet on the margins of COP23. 

If you are in Bonn, come visit us at our booth at G.07.01, G.08.01 and G.08.02 in the Exhibition area of the Bonn zone, and track activities you can attend below. 

You can get more detail on events for each day by clicking on the days below. 

If you are not in Bonn, you can stream live and recorded events here.


11:30-12:30, Room 6, Bonn zone

Sustainable Freight for a low-carbon transport system

MPGCA Transport Day event, with speakers from the CCAC. 

14:00-16:45, University Club Bonn

Reaping the co-benefits: urban air pollution, climate and health

Global Climate Health Alliance-World Health Organisation Climate & Health Summit event.

The CCAC will lead the session Reaping the Co-Benefits: Urban Air Pollution, Climate and Health, with Unmask My City. The session will be part of a “World Cafe” portion of the meeting.

15:00-18:00, Room Rakiraki, Bula zone

Preparatory Working Group meeting CCAC governance meeting.

This meeting is open to CCAC Partners only, and will be devoted to preparations for the Coalition’s High Level Assembly that is planned to take place on 14 November.


15:00-16:30, Room 12, Bonn zone

The private sector’s roles in improving municipal waste management to mitigate climate change

MPGCA Industry Day event, co-organised by the CCAC.

In order to unlock the full climate mitigation potential of the waste sector, a debate on: How public and private actors from local to national level can cooperate to improve waste management in cities? Which are the barriers that affect private sector involvement and how can this be overcome?

16:15-17:30, Rooms 6 & 8, Bonn zone

Raising the bar through coordinated action across all levels of government

Climate Summit for Local and Regional Leaders session, CCAC moderating.

Right now, it is crucial that all levels of government co-create a truly inclusive, coordinated climate action process, which secures a central role for local and regional action in national goals and policies. By accounting for the commitments and actions of local and regional governments and working alongside them, nations will be better positioned to not only meet their goals but also raise the bar on what they aim to accomplish. 

16:45-18:15, Room 12, Bonn zone

Climate & Clean Air Awards ceremony

MPGCA Industry Day event, co-organised by the CCAC.

Fast action to reduce short-lived climate pollutants benefits health, development, and puts us on a pathway to staying below 2˚C. Recipients of the Climate and Clean Air Awards will show how achievable this is by presenting the practical actions and policies they’ve taken.

13:15 – 14:45, Room 2, Bonn zone

COP 23 Presidency Event - Health Actions for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement 

MPGCA Health Day event, with speakers from the CCAC

Details to come.


14:00-15:15, Japan pavilion, Bonn zone

Finding ways to achieve sustainable food production without growing greenhouse gas emissions - Activities of the GRA
Side event, with speakers from the CCAC

This event will introduce to participants: (1) an overview of the GRA, (2) the international, collaborative projects of the GRA, and (3) the GRA activities which support capability building in developing countries.

16:30-18:00, Cities & Regions Pavilion, Bonn zone

Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Health – Maximizing Benefits in Cities
Side event, co-organised by the CCAC
The event will present solutions that will improve air quality and limit near-term climate change in cities, to address the health effects of climate and air pollution.

16:45-18:15, Room 1, Bonn zone

Catalyzing local climate action in waste management

MPGCA SDG 11 High Level event

This event will show how the engagement of Human Settlements stakeholders have shifted into an implementation phase since the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goal on Cities and Human Settlements.


7:45-8:45, Cities Breakfast Roundtable for Clean Air 

ICLEI-UN Environment Mayors Breakfast

With Cities around the world increasingly committing to sustainable development, the Roundtable brings together mayors driving innovation, ideas and solutions to commit on action against air pollution. Participation by invitation only.

14:15-15:45, Room 3, Bonn zone

Climate Resilient and Low Emission Food Systems

MPGCA High Level Roundtable, co-organised by the CCAC

This roundtable brings together the agriculture, food, energy, transport and climate communities to identify what actions are needed to deliver climate-resilient food systems and low carbon rural transport networks as part of wider rural transformations to achieve SDG2 and the Paris Agreement.

14:15-15:45, Room 1, Bonn zone

Integrated Landscapes for Improved Food Security and Nutrition

MPGCA High Level Roundtable, co-organised by the CCAC

The roundtable explores challenges and opportunities in the forest and agricultural sectors. It identifies support needed to allow small-scale foresters, indigenous peoples and pastoralists to build sustainable coping strategies, and explores the role of investors and the private sector therein.

16:00-18:00, Room Rakiraki, Bula zone

9th High Level Assembly

CCAC governance meeting

The Assembly will focus on opportunities and concrete actions to reduce methane and black carbon emissions from agriculture and municipal waste, for fast mitigation to benefit health, economic gains and climate protection.

For more details, visit the official COP23 website.

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Experts will provide guidance on technological options, mitigation measures (like those carried out by our initiatives), funding opportunities, application of measurement tools, and policy development.

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