Brochure: SNAP SLCP Toolkit (LEAP-IBC)

Brochure: SNAP SLCP Toolkit (LEAP-IBC)

CCAC SNAP Initiative
Guidelines & Tools
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This brochure provides an overview of the SNAP SLCP toolkit. The SNAP Toolkit is a suite of analytical tools to assist action on short-lived climate pollutants at the national level. These tools enable the user to:

• characterize national emissions
• explore alternative emission reduction scenarios
• calculate country-level health, agriculture and global climate benefits
• compare results across alternative scenarios
• inform nationally appropriate action on SLCPs

It is based on the Stockholm Environment Institute’s Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP) system, which is already used by thousands of planners and researchers around the world. The toolkit also includes a Rapid Benefits Calculator, which focuses on the health benefits of reducing air pollution.

Produced by the CCAC SNAP Initiative. 


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