Short-lived Climate Pollutants: An analysis of the EIB’s policies, procedures, impact of activities and options for scaling up mitigation efforts
European Investment Bank (EIB)
Technical documents
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To gain a better understanding of how the EIB can support and contribute to mitigating SLCP emissions, achieving the CCAC’s objectives and creating a basis from which to work, the Bank decided to prepare this report. The report is intended:

  • To raise awareness inside the Bank about the benefits and the potential of mitigating SLCPs,
  • To assess whether the Bank’s standards and criteria appropriately consider SLCPs,
  • To develop an improved understanding of the impacts of the EIB’s activities with respect to emissions of SLCPs,
  • To identify potential opportunities for the EIB to address and mitigate SLCPs,
  • To communicate to the Bank’s counterparts what EIB can offer to more effectively match the interests of the Bank and potential project developers willing to address SLCPs.

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