Annual Science Update 2014


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Scientific Advisory Panel Updates
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2014 was marked by a number of new studies and reports, which have improved our understanding of the very large impacts of SLCPs in air quality, human health, and climate, and strengthened the scientific basis for near-term action on SLCP. This Annual Science Update produced by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) summarizes some of the influential and important new scientific findings of 2014 most relevant to the work and interest of the CCAC.

In 2014 the CCAC SAP also produced two formal scientific briefings:
1. The first briefing summarized the coverage of SLCPs in the IPCC Working Group I Fifth Assessment report (AR5), noting that “AR5 finds larger contributions to climate change from methane and carbonaceous aerosols than the previous IPCC assessment while noting that uncertainties in the influence of aerosols remain large.”
2. The second briefing summarized the current state of knowledge of the emissions and impacts of kerosene lamps and concluded that “no other major BC source has such a combination of readily available alternatives and definitive climate forcing effects.”


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