Transforming the buildings sector through ambitious NDCs: Asia-Pacific

14 November, 2019
10:00 CET
Online event

The current scope and ambition of buildings sector commitments are insufficient to meet the Paris Agreement goals. Despite 136 countries having acknowledged the need for building sector actions in their NDCs, more work is needed to increase the coverage and ambition of these actions.

Based on GlobalABC’s NDC Guide, this webinar looks at NDCs status in Asia-Pacific. It focuses on India and China, two countries with rapid floor area increase and energy demand growth. India and China have both taken steps to raise ambition levels in their NDCs, adressing energy efficiency in their rapidly growing building stock. India for instance with their Energy Conservation Building Code for Residential Buildings (ECBC-R), China with its policy initiatives for increasing the coverage of green buildings and large scale energy efficiency retrofitting.

Speakers will include representatives from the India Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and the China Academy of Building Research (CABR), as well as UNFCCC, the NDC Partnership (TBC), and the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN)/Pansolutions.

  • Introduction and welcome
    Nora Steurer, Programme Management Officer, UNEP/GlobalABC Secretariat
  • Buidlings and construction in NDCs in Asia-Pacific: Status, gaps, potential
    Peter Graham, Executive Director, Global Buildings Performance Institute (GBPN)
  • NDCs as vehicle for raising ambition for the buildings sector
    Bernd Hackmann, Programme Officer, Mitigation, Data and Analysis Programme, UNFCCC Secretariat
  • India: Increasing ambition for residential buildings
    Saurabh Diddi, Director, India Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)
  • China: Taking energy efficiency in buildings to scale
    Quinqin Wang, Vice President, China Academy for Buildings Research (CABR)
  • Where to go for assistance: NDC Partnership (TBC)
  • Q&A from the audience
  • Summary and close

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