Thailand: Integrated air pollution and climate change mitigation assessment

Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: Wikimedia

This project is providing national planning support and capacity building to Thailand to develop an integrated air pollution and climate change emission and mitigation analysis. The project aims to evaluate various mitigation measures for integrated air pollution and climate change planning at the national scale, as well as in the capital city, Bangkok.  


The objectives of this project are to:

  • Identify the most effective mitigation measures to improve air quality and mitigation climate change, including the 25 clean air measures identified in the report Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific. This work builds on the climate change benefits of current air pollution strategies and the air pollution benefits of current climate change strategies in Thailand.  
  • Evaluate the regulatory framework and governance structures currently in place and their suitability for implementation of key SLCP mitigation measures and integrated air pollution and climate change mitigation  
  • Develop recommendations for integrating air pollution and climate change mitigation and increasing implementation of key mitigation measures 
  • Build capacity within the Pollution Control Department and other institutions for integrated air pollution and climate change planning   
  • Identify practical actions and connect institutions to increase implementation of air quality measures

Who's involved

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Partners (1)

Activity contact

Denise San Valentin,
Programme Management Officer
secretariat [at]
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