Project Overview: Creating a practical guide to quantify and reduce air pollution from businesses


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Awareness Materials
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Global value chains are substantial sources of air pollutant emissions. Companies have a responsibility to implement mitigation actions to reduce the burden of air pollution on health and the environment, and to reduce the emissions that are driving climate change.

However, businesses lack comprehensive guidance to develop accurate air pollutant emission inventories for value chains – information that is critical to reducing such emissions.

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), and IKEA are producing a practical guide to help businesses develop their own air pollutant emission inventories, track air pollutant emissions across a value chain, and take steps to reduce emissions.

The guide will build on existing reporting standards for greenhouse gas emissions, enabling combined reporting, strategy development, and mitigation actions to help both the climate change mitigation and clean air agendas.

This guide, to be published in 2022, will enable businesses to take the first step to understand their impact on air pollution, and to take action to reduce it.

The aim is to give businesses that have simple, or complex, global value chains a tool to take required actions to help improve air quality for people worldwide.


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