Cambodia - Implement priority measures in Cambodia's Clean Air Action Plan 


This aim of this project is to support Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment in implementing its Clean Air Action Plan. 

Project reference: Cambodia - Implement priority measures in Cambodia's Clean Air Action Plan [KH-22-002]


The project aims to achieve the following by its completion: 

  •  Cambodia’s government has demonstrated increased capacity to model their SLCP emissions, prioritize and implement SLCP mitigation measures, and track progress
    at the national and local level

  • Cambodia’s government has demonstrated increased capacity to Implement its Clean Air Plan

What we're doing

The main project deliverables are:

  • Trainings to local authorities on emission inventory systems and tools for Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment to regularly update and improve estimates of short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) and air pollutant emissions and track progress on the implementation of its Clean Air Plan. 
  • A detailed assessment of air pollutant emissions for industrial sub-sectors and an evaluation of the impact of mitigation measures as a contribution to the implementation of Cambodia’s Clean Air Plan. 
  • An assessment of the key mitigation pathways and actions needed to increase the implementation of priority measures in Cambodia's Clean Air Plan, including information on the cost of implementation, roles and responsibilities of different organizations, indicators to monitor implementation, barriers to implementation, and actions to overcome them. 

Who's involved

Lead Partner: A Coalition partner with an active role in coordinating, monitoring and guiding the work of an initiative.

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Partners (2)

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