Factsheets about Brick Kilns in South and South-East Asia


Sameer Maithel
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Awareness Materials
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This Factsheet includes information abo0ut the different types of brick kilns commonly used in South and South-East Asia. It includes information on fuels and energy used, emissions, product quality, occupational health and safety, and performance. The types of kilns featured:

  • Clamps 
  • Down Draught Kiln (DDK)
  • Fixed Chimney Bull's Trench Kiln technology (FCBTK)
  • High/Induced Draught Zigzag Firing technology (ZIGZAG HD)
  • Hoffman Kiln technology 
  • Hybrid Hoffman Kiln technology
  • Natural Draught Zigzag Firing technology (ZIGZAG ND)
  • Tunnel Kiln technology
  • Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln technology (VSBK)


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