Take action

Everyday ways you can help fight air pollution and climate change

From governments, to industry, to individuals, we all have a role in limiting air pollution and climate change. 

Here are some of the actions we can take as individuals to make a difference. 

10 ways you can help fight the climate crisis 

As individuals we must change our consumption habits and pressure those who represent us – our employers, our politicians – to move rapidly to a low-carbon world. 

Act Now - Speak Up campaign 

People united are stronger than individuals. We must push our leaders to make change as a collective. Start the conversation in your community.  

Stop Food Loss and Waste campaign 

Ending food loss and waste starts with us. Public and private entities at all levels, as well as consumers, must work to cut food loss and waste, to mitigate climate change, and support food security and proper nutrition for all. 

BreatheLife campaign 

Learn about the sources and impact of air pollution on health and climate change, and how to get your city involved to reduce it.  

International Day of Clean Air for blue skies 
Air pollution does not obey borders. All stakeholders have a responsibility to protect the earth’s atmosphere and ensure healthy air for everyone. Working together will help reduce air pollution, leverage finance and investments towards air quality solutions, and provide many benefits. 

Raise awareness

Learn about the sources of pollution in your area, and your consumption choices, and speak up about the alternatives. Raise concern to your government representatives and local media.