Work Plan & Budget: August 2020 – July 2021

Results and progress of Coalition activities and funded projects are highlighted in the 2020-2021 Annual Report. Below is an overview of new funding approved during the same period.


Sectoral action

In addition to ongoing projects funded in previous years, the CCAC approved funding for two small-scale strategic projects (maximum 100,000 USD per proposal): 

  • Transport: Soot-Free Heavy-Duty Vehicles in Colombia (USD 100,000) (Approved in December 2020)
  • “Business Release Emissions to the Atmosphere (BREATHE)” to estimate emissions in company supply chains using methodologies from the CCAC to produce a guidance document for companies (USD 62,637 from CCAC with USD 64,720 co-funding from IKEA) (Approved in May 2021)

National action

Following the Call for Proposals under the CCAC Action Programme to Address the 1.5ºC Challenge (that closed on 31 August 2021 for a maximum total of 1 million USD in approvals), funding has been initially approved (pending submission and accept of full implementation plans and detailed budgets) for the below-listed projects. A second batch of approvals is expected in December 2021. Note that this is in addition to ongoing projects funded in previous years.

  • India/Planning: Action Plan on Reducing Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs) (max. 100,000 USD) (Approved in October 2021)
  • Nigeria/Planning: Increasing implementation of actions to achieve Nigeria's SLCP targets (max. 100,000 USD) (Approved in October 2021)
  • Panama & Dominican Republic/Agriculture: The Contribution of sustainable intensification of livestock to the reduction of methane emissions (max. 100,000 USD) (Approved in October 2021)
  • Costa Rica/Waste: Accelerating actions to improve organic waste management and reduce methane in Central America (max. 100,000 USD) (Approved in October 2021)
  • Pakistan/Planning: Enhancing and Enabling Climate Ambition for SLCPs Management in Pakistan (max. 100,000 USD) (Approved in October 2021)

Technical expert assistance

Under the CCAC's Technical Expert Assistance programme, funding was approved for the following:

  • Argentina/Waste: Responding to a request from the City of Buenos Aires, funding for a consultant to review of the current policies, laws and programs related to organic waste management plus development of a strategy, which includes: quantification of the potential SLCP emissions reductions, evaluation of implementation costs, recommendations of economic instruments and funding opportunities. (20,000 USD) (Approved in August 2021)
  • Nepal/Household energy: Responding to a request from Nepal’s Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, through its Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, funding for the Clean Cooking Alliance to guide their NDC implementation planning to help achieve the strong targets related for clean cooking in their NDC. (19,995 USD) (Approved in August 2021)
  • Africa/Assessments: Responding to a request from the African Union Commission (AUC), funding for a consultant to strengthen the collaboration between AUC and CCAC, collect of key data to enhance the AUC's Air Quality Monitoring Framework activities and Agenda 2063 (‘The Africa We Want’), and make recommendations to incorporate the outcomes of the CCAC Africa Integrated Assessment into economic development plans and strategies in African countries and Regional Economic Communities. (20,000 USD) (Approved in October 2021)

Governance meetings

  • 5 virtual Working Group meetings (18-19.11.2020; 16.12.2020; 25-27.05.2021; 08.07.2021; 08.10.2021)
  • 6 virtual Steering Committee meetings (14-15.10.2020; 29.10.2020; 02.12.2020; 17.02.2021; 24.03.2021; 12.05.2021)
  • 4 Strategy Implementation Task Team meetings (12.01.2021; 29.03.2021; 13.07.2021; 22.09.2021)
  • 1 virtual Board meeting (07-09.09-2021)
  • 1 in-person Ministerial meeting (09.11.2021)

Key outputs:

  • Full 2030 Strategy approved & launched
  • 6 Sectoral Engagement Strategies approved
  • 1 Planning Engagement Strategy approved
  • Transition Plan to 2030 Strategy near complete, with new Board and Ministerial and other operational changes made
  • Revised CCAC Framework (to align with 2030 Strategy) approved & adopted


  • 1 Methane -focused Science-Policy Dialogue (25.05.2021)
  • 10 SAP meetings (16.09.2020; 25.09.2020; 10.02.2021; 17.03.2021; 14.04.2021; 19.05.2021; 16.06.2021; 14.07.2021; 28.09.2021; 10.10.2021)

Key outputs:

  • CCAC-UNEP Global Methane Assessment (launched in May 2021)
  • Number of SAP members increased & 5 new SAP members appointed