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    Our no-cost Expert Assistance service connects governments to an extensive network of professionals for consultation and advice on short-lived climate pollution issues and policies. Our experts are...
    indian man drawing the Curve
    Activity | Bricks
    Uruguay | Ongoing
    Within the framework of the UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) Uruguay, the Coalition's Solution Centre funded the participation of experts in the first international event on Cleaner...
    Solution Center expert visit to brick production site in Florida, Uruguay Photo credit: Pablo Montes Goia
    Activity | Agriculture
    Vietnam | Closed
    The Coalition's Solution Centre provided assistance to Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to survey methane mitigation options in livestock production and identify...
    Cows in Vietnam. Photo: margavanderkroon/Pixabay
    Activity | Waste
    Bio-Waste Management support for South East European cities was provided by the Coalition's Solution Centre with the goal to educate and build the capacity of waste management operators in the region.
    Support for Bio-Waste Management in Southeast Europe
    Activity | Household Energy
    India | Closed
    An activity carried out by the Coalition's Solution Centre supported an exchange between Nigerian and Indian women to share how they are transitioning to clean household energy. Women from three...
    Women from Notarpali village teaching RUWES women how to make improved clay stoves


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