Liberia - Deliver National Methane Roadmap


This project responds to the request by Liberia‚Äôs Environmental Protection Agency for services to develop a national methane roadmap that informs the implementation of its NDC. 

* National methane roadmaps are methane reduction action plans that leverage emerging data and techniques to enhance emissions inventories, identify compelling abatement strategies, and define methane-related policies, programs and project proposals.

Project reference: Liberia - Deliver Methane Roadmap [LR-22-001]


This project will achieve by its completion: 

  • The Government of Liberia endorses the Methane Roadmap. 

What we're doing

The main deliverables of this project include: 

  • A methane roadmap that follows a methodology agreed with the CCAC Secretariat. 

Who's involved

Pollutants (SLCP)

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