Maldives - Increase mitigation in the Maldives's waste sector


This project responds to a request by the Maldives’ Ministry of Environment to overcome the existing data limitations in the waste sector for informed decision-making and to assess the SLCP emissions from the waste sector.

Project reference: Maldives - Increase mitigation in the Maldives's waste sector [MV-22-003]


This project will achieve by its completion: 

  • The government of Maldives has methodologies and standards to collect data from the waste sector that will lead to better GHG inventory from the waste sector.  
  • The government of Maldives has local GHG emissions factors from the waste sector that would improve the GHG emissions for future reporting under the UNFCCC on Maldives’ NDC implementation. 
  • The government of Maldives has improved data to understand the waste sector SLCP emissions and to implement the recommended mitigation measures  

What we're doing

This project will deliver at a minimum: 

  • Development of data collection methodologies and standards.  
  • Development of emission factors in the local context regarding waste GHG emissions in the Maldives.  
  • SLCP emission analysis for the waste sector, with a specific interest in island communities’ waste management to inform tailored mitigation measures, including assessment of methane emissions from waste treatment and disposal facilities in the Maldives 

Who's involved

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Partners (2)


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