Sustainable solar cold-chain pilot programme

Roadside fruit & vegetable market in Nigeria

The Efficient Cooling Initiative is working with Nigeria and the International Solar Alliance (ISA) to implement a pilot project for solar powered food and vaccine cold chain technologies. The project aims to demonstrate innovative and low-cost technology that are run on a self-sustaining financial models. 

Food loss from lack of access to cooling is not only a risk to food security, it also reduces market opportunities, farmers’ income, and wastes scarce resources like water, land and energy. It has a significant ecological footprint. Lack of reliable and adequate cold chain facilities in sub-Saharan Africa is a main cause. Nigeria, a CCAC and ISA member, loses 45% of post-harvest produce due to cold chain unavailability, resulting in a 25% loss of income for the country’s 93 million small farmers. 

Reducing post-harvest loss can feed a growing population, help end hunger, reduce greenhouse gas and short-lived climate pollutant emissions, and increase farmer incomes. An efficient solar powered cold chain, using low global warming potential refrigerants, is critical for sustainable food distribution and can improve the technical and operational efficiency of the food supply chain. 


The objective of the project is to test the business case and monitor the impact of a pilot solar cooling hub in Nigeria. The hub will provide access to cooling to small farmers and demonstrate that cold chain solutions powered by solar energy, using low/zero GWP refrigerant gas (in-line with the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol) can greatly reduce food loss, reduce greenhouse gas and short-lived climate pollutant emissions, and increase farmers’ incomes.   

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Partners (1)

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Science Affairs Coordinator
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