The Coalition's Secretariat is hosted by United Nations Environment (UNEP).

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Our people


Martina Otto
Martina Otto
  • Interim Head of Secretariat
Martina.Otto [at]
Dan McDougall, Senior Fellow
Dan McDougall
  • Senior Fellow
Drew Shindell
  • Special Advisor for Action on Methane


Rima Dabbagh
  • Administrative Officer
Rima.Dabbagh [at]
Zena Hilton
Zena Hilton
  • Programme Management Assistant
Zena.Hilton [at]
Ruth Gichuhi
  • Finance Assistant
Ruth.Gichuhi [at]

Programme & Partnership

Seraphine Haeussling
  • Programme Management Officer
Seraphine.Haeussling [at]
James Morris
  • Programme Management Officer
James.Morris [at]


Valentin Foltescu
  • Senior Programme and Science Officer
Valentin.Foltescu [at]
Nathan Borgford-Parnell
  • Science Affairs Coordinator
Nathan.Borgford-Parnell [at]


Sandra Cavalieri
  • Urban Health Initiative Coordinator
Sandra.Cavalieri [at]
Catalina Etcheverry
  • Agriculture & Bricks Initiative Coordinator
Catalina.Etcheverry [at]
Sandra Mazo-Nix
  • Municipal Solid Waste Initiative Coordinator
Sandra.Mazo-Nix [at]
Denise San Valentin
  • Initiatives Coordinator/Programme Manager
denise.sanvalentin [at]

Media & Communication

Tiy Chung
  • Communications Officer
Tiy.Chung [at]
+33 6 26 71 79 81
Carrie Dodds
  • Information Manager
Carrie.Dodds [at]
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