22nd Working Group attendees

Message from the secretariat

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. Its global warming potential is 25% higher than previously estimated, and atmospheric concentrations continue to rise. Methane is also a precursor for tropospheric ozone, an air pollutant with well-documented impacts on human health and crop yields. This makes the task of addressing the key sources of methane emissions – agriculture, oil and gas production, and waste management – even more urgent.

Experts and policy-makers from around the world gathered at the Global Methane Forum in Toronto, Canada to discuss the latest science on methane and the many solutions to quickly mitigate emissions.

The Coalition's Working Group Meeting was held back-to-back with the event, where participants discussed our next big challenge: engaging countries to apply the ‘near-term multiple benefits pathway approach’, while seeking to address both short-term and long-term climate action. Fast action, quick results and multiple benefits is the motto!

Helena Molin Valdes
Head, Clilmate & Clean Air Coalition Secretariat


The Climate and Clean Air Coalition Working Group meets in Toronto, Canada

The 22nd Working Group meeting took place in April alongside the Global Methane Forum and the Coalition's Science Policy Dialogue. Learn about the outcomes, including approved funding and priority areas for the coming year.

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Integrated Assessment of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants in Latin America and the Caribbean released

This report recommends concrete measures to reduce SLCPs that will contribute to maintain the planet´s temperature below the 2˚C threshold set out in the Paris climate agreement.

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The Environmental Defense Fund Announces Satellite Mission to Locate and Measure Methane Emissions

The satellite’s mission will give countries and companies robust data to spot problem areas, identify savings opportunities, and measure progress over time.

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Pakistan moves toward environmentally friendly and cost-effective brick kilns

Working with the Coalition and ICIMOD, Pakistan is providing training to brick entrepreneurs to strengthen technical innovation within the brick sector.

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African countries move toward cleaner car imports

African leaders discussed regionally-harmonised responses at the March 2018 Africa Clean Mobility Week in Nairobi, including the issue of used car imports.

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Accepting entries for the Climate and Clean Air Awards through 4 June, 2018

Help recognize exceptional contributions and actions to reduce short-lived climate pollutants by nominating an individual or group today.

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Upcoming events

Sustainable Energy for All Forum
2-3 May | Lisbon, Portugal

World Health Assembly
21-26 May | Geneva, Switzerland

22-24 May | Frankfurt, Germany

Expert Meeting on Short-Lived Climate Forcers
28-31 May | Geneva, Switzerland


Erik Solheim opens the Coalition's Working Group meeting
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Progress and Opportunities for Reducing SLCPs across Latin America and the Caribbean
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Integrated Assessment of Short-lived Climate Pollutants in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Webinar: LEAP-IBC, an integrated climate and air quality planning tool
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