The pace is picking up as we slip into September. 

Just ahead of the New York Climate Week, COP23, the third UN Environmental Assembly 3 and the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, we're seeing great examples of actions to reduce short-lived climate pollutants at all scales - from a national SLCP inventory in Peru, to an air pollution programme in Santiago, Chile, and clean cookstove projects in remote Indian villages. 

In order to deliver widespread and ambitious action to protect our climate and air, we need to work across all sectors of society and at every scale. Coalition partners continue to work hard to demonstrate scalable solutions that provide multiple benefits.

We are making final preparations for the CCAC Working Group meetings taking place at the end of September, where we will determine new actions to further reinforce actions in the agriculture and waste sectors. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces in Paris.

Helena Molin Vald├ęs
Climate & Clean Air Coalition Secretariat


Coalition news

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is newest Coalition partner

The 54th country to join the Coalition, Belgium will collaborate on reducing HFCs and black carbon in the Diesel, Finance, Agriculture and Transport sectors.

Peru workshop

Peru’s public and private sectors join forces with cooperation agencies to reduce SLCPs

Participants from multiple sectors helped complete the short-lived climate pollutant emissions inventory report, which will be a tool for the development of policies.

Waste treatment

Don’t Waste All That Waste!

Municipal solid waste has negative impacts on both communities and the global environment. Approached creatively, the separation, collection and recycling of waste can be a source of income.

Santiago, Chile

Chile takes action on air pollution

Energy use in homes is one of Chile’s main sources of SLCPs. A programme launched in 2014 to replace 200,000 firewood-based heaters is improving air quality.

Roy Award for Environmental Partnership

Nominate a public-private partnership for the 2018 Roy Family Award

The Roy Family Award for Environmental Partnership is looking for outstanding public-private partnerships that enhance environmental quality through novel approaches.

External news & mentions




Climate Auctions and the Future of Concessional Finance (World Bank) 
19 September - New York, USA

21st CCAC Working Group & other meetings
25-29 September - Paris, France

CCAC Waste Initiative Global Workshop for City Leadership
27-28 September - Baltimore, USA

Seoul Mayor’s Forum (ICLEI) 
19-20 October - Seoul, Republic of Korea

Clean Cooking Forum (Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves) 
24-26 October - New Delhi, India

Clean Air Forum (European Union) 
16-17 November - Paris, France


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