COP24 Poland: Coalition Ministers and high-level representatives agreed to push forward an ambitious Action Programme at the 10th High Level Assembly.

Message from the Secretariat

Last year we saw many important milestones put climate and clean air objectives at the top of the global agenda . 2019 promises to be the year that we turn this momentum into action.

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition looks forward to working together to achieve fast action and quick results through our many initiatives and collaborations. Here are our key priority actions for the year ahead:

  • Action Programme to Address the 1.5 C Challenge: We will assist and encourage countries that wish to increase their efforts to tackle climate change and air pollution in an integrated way through action to reduce short-lived climate pollutants.
  • High-level political leadership: We will organize regional dialogues, hosted by champion countries and partners, to increase engagement and help raise the ambition to tackle both climate change and air pollution using proven methodologies and policy measures.
  • Multiple benefits pathway framework: We will extend the techniques and processes pioneered by the Coalition to help countries develop effective short-lived climate pollutant mitigation strategies - identifying the quickest and most effective mitigation actions and finding ways to embed these across government programmes.

The Coalition Secretariat will keep you posted on our progress along the way, so stay tuned for updates!


News highlights

The 2017-2018 Climate and Clean Air Coalition Annual Report

Years of efforts are now delivering results in many countries. The annual report highlights country actions to reduce short-lived climate pollutants and the benefits of these actions over time.

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Clean cooling technology in Jordan is a first for the Middle East

A Coalition funded demonstration project has introduced a new shopping experience to a supermarket in Jordan, pioneering a type of refrigerant new to the Middle Eastern food retail sector.

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Cities at the Centre of India’s New National Clean Air Programme

Plan sets "tentative" national level target of 20 to 30% reduction of PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations by 2024 against 2017 levels.

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Coalition study leads to clean air loans in Mongolia

A feasibility study conducted in cooperation with the Frankfurt School and XacBank has led to an $18 million loan program for energy-efficient households.

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Oil and Gas Methane Partnership welcomes new partner and releases its third-year annual report

The recent OGMP report covering 2017 progress on surveys, project evaluations and project implementation is now available on the Coalition’s website.

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The Kigali Amendment: The New Year’s Resolution We Must Not Break

With the Kigali Amendment, we have a real chance to take a big bite out of climate change. Participating countries now must adhere to their commitments.

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