Methane recovery
Image: Methane recovery from Loma Los Colorados landfill in Chile

The urgent need to find solutions to climate change is spurring global action and cooperation to find ways to reduce greenhouse gases. Innovation and technology are key to tackling emissions.

This month we saw many great examples of public-private initiatives and international cooperation to advance climate-friendly technology in the transport, agriculture and municipal solid waste sectors. Tata Motors and MAHLE, with support from the Coalition, launched a collaborative project to create a mobile AC system using HFC alternatives. Our partners Canada and Chile announced a bilateral initiative to reduce methane emissions from landfills, and the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative shared insight into the use of open source satellite data to monitor black carbon emissions from open burning.

The Coalition also highlighted the importance of climate action in and for the agricultural sector at the 40th biennial FAO ministerial conference. Along with four other Coalition country Partners, Uruguay's Minister of Agriculture spoke to their climate action ambition, and their joint work with the Coalition, FAO and the Global Research Alliance (GRA). More information below.  

Helena Molin Valdes
Climate & Clean Air Coalition secretariat

Coalition news

Desert road

Tata Motors and MAHLE partner to develop a prototype mobile air conditioning system

This project envisages use and trial of environment friendly, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants The system will first be installed in the Tata utility vehicle as a prototype.

Open agricultural burning

Using Satellites to Monitor Open Burning

Earth observation (EO) satellite data is being used to map fires and calculate related black carbon emissions in the Andean and Himalayan regions.

Canada-Chile join forces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills

This environmental cooperation is designed to deliver significant environmental and health benefits and help Chile use landfill generated gas as an alternative clean energy source.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay's Minister of Agriculture on tackling enteric methane

As part of the project “Reducing Enteric Methane for improving food security and livelihoods”, Uruguay is identifying low-cost strategies to reduce methane emissions.

Partnering to scale up climate action by countries in the agricultural sectors

Partnering to scale up climate action by countries in the agricultural sectors

A side event at the 40th biennial FAO ministerial conference brought together high-level speakers and attendees to launch the new FAO Strategy on Climate Change and discuss in particular the role of strategic partnerships.

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