Levels of engagement

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are encouraged to engage in the Coalition’s work in the following ways:

  1. Join our information Network
    Join our Information Network for access to the latest news, event information and activity updates from the Coalition. We encourage you to spread the work about short-lived climate pollutants and the Coalition's work by sharing our news on your organisation’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.
  2. Explore our Solution Centre
    Our Solution Centre contains a wealth of resources and training materials on measures and policies that help reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants. Please contact the Secretariat know if there are areas to which you would like to contribute.
  3. Learn about our initiatives and activities
    Find out more about the many activities carried out under the Coalition's 11 initiatives.


What it means to be an Actor

Actors are national and sub-national governments, international organisations, non-governmental organisations private sector entities that are actively engaged in specific Coalition initiatives or activities but do not have Partner status. They have been approved as Actors according to the Coalition’s application procedures

Actors in the Coalition are encouraged to take on the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Actively participate in initiatives: Under Lead Partner coordination, Actors are expected to engage in a specific Coalition initiative or activities by contributing expertise and experience to their development and implementation, helping define strategic directions for these, and supporting collaboration and coordination with other existing efforts, including through participation in relevant initiative meetings and the drafting and review of relevant documents
  • Become Implementers of specific activities under an initiative (i.e. receive funds from the Coalition’s Trust Fund for implementation of approved activities)
  • Provide expert advice: Actors can be asked to provide advice on specific issues related to their particular expertise, and to attend specific Coalition meetings
  • Engage key stakeholders in tackling short-lived climate pollutants: Actors are to be kept informed of the Coalition’s activities, including through Lead Partners and the Coalition’s newsletter. Actors are encouraged to raise awareness of the issues and mitigation strategies related to their particular expertise and promote the Coalition activities at relevant events, meetings and through the media

Actors are not entitled to participate in Coalition High-Level Assembly and Working Group meetings, notwithstanding that the Secretariat, in consultation with the Working Group co-chairs or the Steering Committee, can issue invitations to a select number of Actors to attend Coalition meetings.

Who can become an actor

National and sub-national governments, IGOs, NGOs and private sector entities actively engaged in actions targeting particular pollutants and/or sectors are encouraged to support specific Coalition initiatives or activities as Actors. Actors in the Coalition constitute a network of active stakeholders with experience and expertise relevant to specific initiatives or activities of the Coalition.

Application process

To apply to become an Actor, organisations are required to contact the coordinator(s) of their selected initiative(s), or send general enquiries to the Coalition Secretariat with the following:

  1. Identifying particular areas of interest related to short-lived climate pollutants and any specific actions taken or planned to address near-term climate change
  2. Noting with which initiatives they wish to engage 
  3. Setting out what they wish to contribute or gain from engagement
  4. Identifying a focal point for communication: full name, title, email, and phone number

The request will be reviewed by the Lead Partners of selected Initiative(s). The average review period is two to three weeks, depending on the completeness of the application letter. During this review period, the partners and the initiative coordinators might contact the applicant directly to request more information, if needed.

How to become a partner

NGOs that are interested in becoming a partner may contact the Coalition Secretariat to be considered.

Please note that the Coalition is not a funding agency. 

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