We are at a critical point. There is a public health emergency from air pollution and a global climate crisis. In today’s world, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition is more needed than ever.

Our vision is an atmosphere that enables people and the planet to thrive – a stabilized climate with warming limited to 1.5ºC and drastically reduced air pollution.

In the next decade we will work to put the world on a pathway that rapidly reduces warming in the near-term and maximizes development, health, environmental and food security benefits.

Building on our experiences we will both drive and respond to scientific and political progress, guided by the following imperatives:

  • Working at the nexus of climate and air quality, delivering multiple benefits from the mitigation of short-lived climate pollutants: methane, HFCs, black carbon and tropospheric ozone.
  • Strengthening our partnership to deliver results, working arm-in-arm with leaders of national governments, subnational governments, cities, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, companies, and civil society.
  • Providing decision-makers the confidence to deliver fast and immediate mitigation.
  • Together we will catalyse action to raise ambition.


2019 | Official Statements

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition's 2030 Vision Statement was adopted at the Coalition's 2019 High Level Assembly in New York, USA. 

Language versions of the document include French...

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