All Coalition initiatives continued to convene and implement joint activities, with the results and progress highlighted on their webpages and in the 2019-2020 Annual Report. Below is an overview of new funding approved during the same period. Note that in 2021 a simplified system for funding activities will be developed as part of the transition to the 2030 Strategy. 


Sectoral Action & Initiative funding

New initiative projects were approved in March 2020, based on concept notes submitted in November 2019. Most are expected to start implementation in 2021:  

  • Bricks/South Asia - Reforming the brick sector in South Asia through skill development and promoting R&D (India, Pakistan and Nepal) (150,000 USD approved pending SC clearance of full proposal) 
  • Bricks/LAC - Latin American Policy Advisory Network for Clean Brick Production: Momentum, Scale-up, Policy Promotion and Leveraging Third Party Finance (60,000 USD approved pending SC clearance of full proposal) 
  • Efficient Cooling/Global - Awareness raising and technical workshops for efficient cooling (165,000 USD approved pending SC clearance of full proposal) 
  • Vehicles/Global - Implementing the 1.5 degree Action Programme in the Heavy-Duty Vehicles Sector (200,000 USD approved pending SC clearance of full proposal) 
  • National planning - Extending approaches to new CCAC Partners and developing and applying methods to integrate SLCPs and air pollutants into climate change MRV frameworks (304,858 USD approved pending SC clearance of full proposal) 

Small-scale strategic funding was approved by the Steering Committee for the following: 

  • Vehicles/Global - The Global Status of Used Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) Trade Flows (approved by April 2020 SC for 50,000 USD) 
  • Agriculture/China - Strategy for promoting methane mitigation from manure management in China (approved by July 2020 SC for 95,000 USD) 

National Action

Under the CCAC Action Programme to Address the 1.5 C Challenge, funding was approved by the Steering Committee and Working Group: 

Solution Centre Expert Assistance funding

Under the CCAC's Solution Centre Expert Assistance programme, funding was approved

  • Mexico/Oil and gas (August 2019) - Capacity building for monitoring, reporting and verification of methane emission in the oil and gas sector (20,000 USD approved) 
  • Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Waste (April 2019) - Informing the development of composting plants (2 requests from Serbia and BH merged into one project) (40,000 USD approved) More information 
  • Congo/Household energy (October 2019) - Identify opportunities for transition to clean household energy (20,000 USD approved) 
  • Indonesia (October 2019) - Conceptual design for the closure of open dumps (20,000 USD approved) More information
  • Maldives/Vehicles (October 2019) - Developing a cost-benefit analysis for introducing fuel and vehicle standards (for land vehicles and boats), which is a follow up activity to Maldives national SLCP plan (20,000 USD approved) 
  • Nigeria/Waste (December 2019) - Assessment of the current waste situation of waste treatment and disposal site in Nigeria. The assessment will include data collection and desktop research of the recent waste related work in Nigeria (20,000 USD approved) 
  • Colombia/Oil and gas (February 2020) - Develop regulation proposal that outlines technical, operational and quantifiable standards for management of fugitive emissions in domestic oil and gas production – will be completed by Dec 2020 

Outputs & coverage during the reporting period

By country: 

By region: 


For progress and a full overview of outputs from each initiative, see their webpages.

Governance meetings

  • 1 HLA on margins of 2019 UN Climate Action Summit (22.09.2019, New York City) 
  • 2 WG meetings, both virtual (03.09.2020, 22-23.07.2020) 
  • 7 SC meetings, 1 in-person and 6 virtual (14.08.2019, 24.10.2019, 18.12.2019, 11-13.02.2020 in Paris, 29.04.2020, 23-24.06.2020, 08.07.2020) 
  • 7 Strategy Task Team meetings  



Other details

Partners can access further details on the Work Plan & Budget for each calendar year through the CCAC Intranet or by request to the Secretariat.  

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