The Working Group oversees the cooperative activities of the Coalition, and is the body in the Coalition making regular decisions on operational matters, for example approving entry of new Partners, approving initiative proposals and associated funding. See sections 4(b), 4(g) and 6 of the CCAC Framework Document

Representatives of each Coalition Partner participate in meetings of the Working Group, at least twice per year. These meetings are an opportunity to enhance collaboration, move joint activities forward, and to formulate any recommendations to the High Level Assembly. For more information on participation see section 6 of the CCAC Guidelines & Rules of Engagement

The Coalition does not have an observer status, however Working Group meetings are sometimes made open to Partners and any other stakeholders approved by decision of the Coalition. Interested parties are asked to approach the Secretariat


Working Group meeting in Kathmandu Nepal, February, 2015

Co-chairs of the Working Group

Two Co-Chairs of the Working Group are elected by country Partners for staggered two-year terms. Learn more about the Co-Chairs.


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