Convergences World Forum 2015

7 - 9 September, 2015
Paris, France

Convergences, a platform for thought

Launched in 2008, Convergences is the first platform for thought in Europe that aims at building new convergences between public, private, and solidarity-based actors to promote the Millennium Development Goals and to alleviate poverty and privation in developed and developing countries.

Adopted in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) dedicate the beginning of the new millennium to poverty eradication. They signal a shift towards a new development paradigm : leading stakeholders into a new participative approach, bringing companies and civil society into a worldwide partnership to fight poverty. A decade later, the conclusion is clear: the development of developing countries has been weakened by worldwide crises. Poverty continues in the South. Privation and the state of insecurity are worsening in developed countries. The resurgence of inequalities provides a lasting background for economic and social change.

Toward a fair and sustainable world

The mobilization of all public, private, and solidarity-based actors towards poverty reduction is essential.

As a true multidisciplinary platform for thought, Convergences brings together a network of more than 200 public, private, and solidarity-based partners from a variety of sectors – international cooperation, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, social and solidarity economy, social business, BoP strategies, environment and development – towards a common goal: de-compartmentalizing these sectors and allowing dialogue, debates, and co-construction between all actors involved towards a more inclusive and responsible economy.

Connecting public, private, and solidarity-based actors towards poverty reduction, Convergences builds a wide-scale gathering project to debate ideas, to advocate for economic alternatives, and to frame innovative action plans.

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