Innovative finance for climate and air quality actions: Building capacity of cities on finance planning towards a more sustainable and healthy future

24 September, 2021
Online event

Realizing air quality management and climate goals requires robust clean air action planning that is supported by data, enabling policies, and strong governance structures. For these actions to further lead to successful outcomes, a strong financial framework that is supportive of air quality management and climate objectives is essential. The need to build capacity for cities on finance planning towards more resource efficient and sustainable development is further underlined as cities continue to grapple with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic disruption linked to the pandemic and the measures to contain it is leaving cities with fewer resources to maintain vital urban services, including clean air, for its inhabitants.

This webinar is organized with the aim of providing city stakeholders with a financing framework to support integrated air quality and climate action towards building more equitable, healthier cities in the region. The webinar will feature Clean Air Asia’s latest addition to its Guidance Framework for Better Air Quality in Asian Cities (Guidance Framework), and facilitate sharing of best approaches, needs, and opportunities for financing air quality and climate solutions among political leaders, city decisionmakers, practitioners, and development partners.


  • Provide an overview of financial planning as a core component of strategic air quality management and climate action, tools and approaches for quantifying costs and benefits of clean air investments within clean air action plans;
  • Understand available clean air and climate financing mechanisms for cities from different resource streams; and
  • Provide a platform for sharing cities’ outlook for air quality and climate work and technical and institutional needs for financial planning.

Target participants

  • Decisionmakers, policymakers and planning officers from environment, climate change, budget, and related development planning agencies
  • Experts and practitioners on air quality management and related areas

Event contact

CCAC Secretariat
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