Launch of Clean Air Catalyst: Accelerating Clean Air Solutions to Deliver Better Health, Climate and Development Outcomes

18 March, 2021
10:30 EST (UTC-5)
Online event

Air pollution is the greatest environmental threat to human health – causing more than 6 million premature deaths each year and affecting nearly every organ in the body. It has profound impacts on climate, agriculture productivity, food security, biodiversity, and economic development. We are overdue in cleaning up the air.

Join us to learn more about the Clean Air Catalyst, a new flagship program of USAID and a global consortium of organizations led by World Resources Iinstitute (WRI) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). We are working with communities on the frontlines of this global crisis to better understand local pollution sources and identify solutions that lead to sustained progress on cleaner, healthier air. Pilot cities include: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Indore, India; and Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Event contact

Sandra Cavalieri,
Urban Health Initiative Coordinator
Sandra.Cavalieri [at]


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