New tools for monitoring, reporting, and verification of greenhouse gas mitigation in rice

28 April, 2021
18:00 ICT (UTC+7)
Online event

Many countries have identified their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement, including mitigation targets in agriculture. To assist the implementation of these targets, having reliable systems for monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of greenhouse gas emissions and reduction is essential. IRRI and its partners have developed dynamic tools to support MRV in rice:

  • GHG calculator for accounting at different levels specialized for rice systems (SECTOR)
  • Carbon footprint calculator covering all stages of the rice value chain (CF-Rice)
  • Mapping tool for climatic suitability of the Alternate Wetting and Drying irrigation technology in rice production (MapAWD)
  • Cost-benefit assessment tool for mitigation options in rice production (Rice-CBA)

These tools have high relevance for setting up MRV systems in rice production as well as for national inventory of GHG emissions. They have either been designed as universal approaches (#1, #2 and #3) or can easily be modified for country-specific settings (#4). Therefore, we propose a webinar titled “New tools for monitoring, reporting, and verification of GHG mitigation in rice” to present these tools to a broad audience consisting of policy makers, researchers, and relevant stakeholders in rice-growing countries. 

This webinar promotes the application of new MRV tools in rice production for planning and implementing cost-effective mitigation programmes, contributing to achieving countries’ NDC targets.   


  • To inform a broad audience of interested researchers and policy makers of new MRV tools and show-case their potential applications;
  • To gather feedback from potential users of these tools and identify country-specific needs, e.g. for capacity building; and
  • To strengthen cooperation within the GRA Paddy Rice Group and between the GRA and IRRI

No registration needed. Please click the link below to join the zoom webinar.

Event contact

Catalina Etcheverry,
Programme Manager
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