Scaling up feed additives & evidence for impacts

18 May, 2022
3pm New York, Santiago / 8pm London / 9pm Bonn/ 10pm Nairobi / May 19th at 7am Auckland / 3am Beijing
Online event

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The Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT is pleased to invite you to a virtual webinar with leading experts and industry stakeholders to address evidence & discuss opportunities for scaling feed additives to mitigate livestock emissions.

A new industry of feed additives and concentrates claiming to reduce emissions is rapidly expanding to capitalize on the livestock sector’s growing demand for greenhouse gas emission mitigation opportunities to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and meet Paris Agreement goals.

Yet, skepticism remains, and a lack of user-friendly synthesis of existing research has left investors and policy makers without guidance.

This webinar brings together experts and industry stakeholders to address the evidence and discuss the role of additives in mitigation strategies for livestock and opportunities for scaling feed additives. The evidence review is based on an in-depth assessment of leading compounds studied for their efficacy to mitigate methane emissions in ruminant livestock. The report is a concise resource that can

  1. Guide investment and management decisions by all actors in the livestock supply chain; and 
  2. Inform policymakers, industry investors and feed industry advisers on the effectiveness,applicability, and commercial issues surrounding methane reducing feed additives. 


Feed Additives Report is available here:

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Catalina Etcheverry,
Programme Manager
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