Sustainable and Efficient Cooling for a Warming Planet: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions

10 November, 2021
16:45 GMT
18:00 GMT
Glasgow, United Kingdom


Multimedia Studio 3, Blue Zone, COP26
Side event of The CCAC at COP26

As the planet warms the need for sustainable cooling for all is growing. This event examines how the cooling sector can improve climate outcomes through end-of-life disposal of hydrofluorocarbons, improved efficiency, and increased speed and ambition to phase out high global warming refrigerants.

This Official UNFCCC Side Event at COP26 was applied for by Japan, the Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan, the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, and the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development. It is supported by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition and the United Nations Environment Programme's Cool Coalition.


  • Yutaka Shoda, Vice Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Japan, 
  • Inger Andersen, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme


  • Yurie Osawa, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (virtual) and Makoto Kato, Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan: Presentation on preliminary key messages and good practice examples from the Resource Book for the Life Cycle Management of Fluorocarbons

  • Clarisse Durand, Ministry of the Ecological Transition, France: Cooling hub and the future work of the Clean and Cool Air Coalition 
  • Pham Van Tan, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam: Vietnam's case

  • Rwanda's case, (TBC)


  • Kevin Fay, Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy & Global Food Cold Chain Council
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