World Biogas eFestival

18 - 21 May, 2020
Online event

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Rio De Janeiro's pilot biomethanation plant

The World Biogas eFestival is a series of online interactive presentations by an international line-up of eminent speakers sharing their expertise and facilitated networking to achieve the common goal of:

  • highlighting the use of biogas worldwide,
  • sharing best practice,
  • discussing new innovations,
  • understanding the barriers preventing growth and policy contexts,
  • identifying potential solutions,
  • addressing questions around technological challenges and opportunities.

Building on the World Biogas Association's 2019 report, The Global Potential of Biogas, the discussions and case studies presented during the eFestival will contribute to developing a clear pathway to deliver the industry‚Äôs potential to reduce global emissions by 12% by 2030, and will feed into the World Biogas Association's next report, Biogas: Pathways to 2030, which will be launched at the World Biogas Summit 2020, 7-8 October in Birmingham, UK.

Sandra Mazo-Nix of the CCAC Secretariat will make a presentation about incorporating biogas into climate action plans on Thursday, 21 May. 

The eFestival is hosted by the World Biogas Association. More details can be found on its website at the link below.

Event contact

Sandra Mazo-Nix,
Programme Manager
secretariat [at]


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