Colombia - Recommendations for how SLCPs can be included in the updated NDC


Sara C Grisales Vargas
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Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
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Report presenting recommendations for how short-live climate pollutants (SLCPs) and air pollution benefits can be included in the updated NDC of Colombia.

The report includes a description and a quantification of the mitigation potential of :

  1. Measures considered for the NDC for SLCPs and air pollutants
  2. Other measures included in existing plans, strategies, policies and laws in Colombia for greenhouse gases (GHG), SLCPs and air pollutants
  3. Additional mitigation measures that further target the major SLCP emission sources.


The report also outlines the results of the integrated SLCP and air pollutant mitigation assessment including the emission inventory developed for historical year, baseline emission trajectories for future years, and the mitigation scenarios


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