Peru joined the Coalition to share its experience in reducing shorted-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), to participate in studies and analyses carried out within the framework of the coalition, and to engage in the organization and implementation of SLCP mitigation activities both domestically and abroad. Peru has expressed particular concern for air pollution levels in cities across the country and has published a number of emission standards in the transport, energy and industrial sectors. 

Find out more information about Peru's actions on short-lived climate pollutants at: www.aireyclimaperu.com/

CCAC activities

Workstream | Bricks
The Coalition provides training to brick kiln entrepreneurs, policy makers and implementers, and key consumers to facilitate the adoption of modern kiln technologies and practices. In many developing...
Bricks field training in Pakistan
Activity | Health
BreatheLife is a global campaign that mobilizes cities and individuals to take action on air pollution to protect our health and the planet. The campaign is led by the World Health Organization (WHO...
Workstream | Heavy-Duty Vehicles
The Global Strategy to Introduce Low Sulfur Fuels and Cleaner Diesel Vehicles – the first global plan to reduce small particulate and black carbon emissions from cars, buses and trucks by over 90% by...
The Global Sulfur Strategy
Workstream | Agriculture
Farmers in many parts of the world set fire to cultivated fields to clear stubble, weeds and waste before sowing a new crop. While this practice may be fast and economical, it is highly unsustainable...
Open agricultural burning


Farmers and the agro-forestry sector in many parts of the world use fire for a variety of purposes -- on cultivated fields to clear stubble, weeds and waste before sowing a new crop; to “renew”...

2017 | Awareness Materials
, Ministry of Environment, Peru

A Spanish language public awareness brochure that explains the impacts of air pollution on health and the environment, the sources and impacts of four short-lived cliamte pollutants (black carbon...

¿Qué Aire Estamos Respirando?
2016 | Online Training & Materials
, Ministerio del Ambiente del Perú; Programa de Naciones Unidas para Medio Ambiente; Coalición Clima y Aire Limpio

La Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y la Coalición de Clima y Aire Limpio (CCAC) se han asociado en una campaña global de sensibilización acerca de la contaminación del aire y la salud:...


Ministry of Environment, Av Javier Prado Deste 1440, San Isidro
Lima 27
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