The Serbian Solid Waste Management Association (SeSWA ) is a consortium interested in the promotion of sustainable development and implementation of sustainable waste management projects. The consortium consists of experts, scientists and professionals from design, urban and consulting firms, research institutes, managers from companies and public companies, dealing with various aspects of waste management, civil servants and others, and is open to interested organizations.

The main goal of the Serbian Solid Waste Management Association is to promote modern waste management principles that are economically acceptable to Serbia, as well as the development of legal and institutional frameworks that will support the development of the waste management sector in the Republic of Serbia.

Since September 2007, Solid Waste Management Association of Serbia has been a National Member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).

The Serbian Solid Waste Management Association is involved in the Coalition's Municipal Solid Waste initiative. 

Find out more about the organisation on its website.




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