Uruguay joined the Coalition to support activities to reduce short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) emissions and contribute to the country’s ongoing efforts to address urban air pollution and near-term climate change. Upon joining, Uruguay expressed its willingness to increase national awareness of SLCPs and SLCP mitigation activities, and to provide local data and support to the Coalition’s studies.

CCAC activities

Workstream | SNAP
While many countries recognize the value of addressing short-lived climate pollutants and taking an integrated approach to climate and air quality planning, they often lack capacity within the...
Workstream | Heavy-Duty Vehicles
The Global Strategy to Introduce Low Sulfur Fuels and Cleaner Diesel Vehicles – the first global plan to reduce small particulate and black carbon emissions from cars, buses and trucks by over 90% by...
The Global Sulfur Strategy


2017 | Official Statements

The Nationally Determined Contribution (hereinafter NDC) aims at attending the provisions established under the Paris Agreement, as well as to promote adaptation and mitigation measures in Uruguay...

First Nationally Determined Contribution of Uruguay


Ministry of Housing, Territorial Planning and the Environment, Sede central, Zabala 1432
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