Lisa Emberson

Reader in Environmental Science; Centre Director, Stockholm Environment Institute at York (SEI York) Environment Dept. University of York (U.K.)

Main areas of expertise

Air pollution and climate change impacts on plant physiology, scaling to whole crop, tree and grassland productivity. Development of risk assessment methodologies for air quality guidelines to protect vegetation.

Her research focuses on developing eco-physiological modelling methods to understand the deposition and exchange of air pollutants in relation to C, N and water vapour cycling in forests, crops and grassland ecosystems. This research has helped develop risk assessment methods to define air quality guidelines for policy for the UNECE LRTAP ‘Critical Level’ air quality targets. She also advised the MalĂ© Declaration on methods to control and prevent air pollution in South Asia. She was lead author on a number of global assessments (UNEPs Global Environment Outlook; UNECEs Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution; IASSAs Global Energy Assessment; UNEP/WMO Ozone and Black Carbon Assessment). Since 2012 she has been the Centre Director of SEIs York office. 

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