A Compilation of Existing Policy Frameworks for Clean Brick Production in Latin America


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Policies, Plans & Regulations
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One of the tasks of the PAN LAC is to analyze and compile existing public policy frameworks for brick-related industries in Latin American countries, based on previous and current findings of the Bricks Initiative, and from current assessments being carried out in the region. This document (the Public Policy Framework Analysis) is the result of this task, setting out the current state of the art of policy dedicated to (or applicable to) traditional brick production in the Latin America Region. Some of the background, sector characterization and strategic content of this document is taken from and/or derives from the PAN LAC’s Framework Strategy document, which outlines the key public policy deficiencies and the principle strategic components of the PAN LAC. These documents are inter-related and should be considered in conjunction with one another, as together they conform the integral strategy of the PAN LAC in search of transformational change of the sector. 


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