First Nationally Determined Contribution of Uruguay

First Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC)


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The Nationally Determined Contribution (hereinafter NDC) aims at attending the provisions established under the Paris Agreement, as well as to promote adaptation and mitigation measures in Uruguay to face the challenge of climate change, under the National Climate Change Policy so as to contribute to the country’s sustainable development with a global perspective of intra and intergenerational equity and human rights, thus seeking a more resilient, less vulnerable society, with greater capacity to adapt to climate change and variability, and also a society that is more conscious and responsible towards the challenge of climate change, promoting a low-carbon economy, based on environmentally, socially and economically sustainable productive processes and services, by including knowledge and innovation.

Uruguay’s NDC includes the following sections: section one presents climate change mitigation objectives; section two presents the context and main measures that contribute to attaining mitigation objectives; section three presents the context and main measures of adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change (this section must be considered the first Adaptation Communication); section four presents the context and key measures relative to capacity building and knowledge creation on climate change; the fifth and final section includes information to provide transparency and to improve the understanding of the climate change mitigation objectives, and to facilitate monitoring their progress.

As per Paragraph 23 of the National Climate Change Policy (hereinafter PNCC), the NDC helps to implement such policy, and was prepared within the National Response System to Climate Change and Variability (hereinafter SNRCC), including its public consideration between 24th August and 24th September, 2017. The revised draft after the public consultation was considered by the National Environment Cabinet between 12th and 19th October, 2017. 





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