[Manure management] Report: Bio-slurry Management and Utilization and Need for Training


Thi Xuan Thu Le
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Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
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This report provides: a summary on bio-slurry and manure management in Viet Nam; an assessment of bio-slurry and manure management and the utilization of 100 biogas households in five provinces in Viet Nam; an assessment of training needs in biogas households, and; a summary on the policy environment and non-government actors in the biogas/bio-slurry sector in Viet Nam.

The overall objectives of this report are to raise awareness among 4,000 farmers in Viet Nam about the benefits of using bio-slurry and manure and to provide them the knowledge and skills  to apply this to their own crops. 

The report comprises 4 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Overview on bio-slurry and manure management in Viet Nam and other
  • regional countries
  • Chapter 2: Bio-slurry and manure management in surveyed provinces
  • Chapter 3: Training need assessment
  • Chapter 4: Environment Policy and Non-government Actors  


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