Methane production in simulated hybrid bioreactor landfill


Xu, Q. et al.
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Scientific Publications
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The aim of this work was to study a hybrid bioreactor landfill technology for landfill methane production from municipal solid waste. Two laboratory-scale columns were operated for about ten months to simulate an anaerobic and a hybrid landfill bioreactor, respectively. Leachate was recirculated into each column but aeration was conducted in the hybrid bioreactor during the first stage. Results showed that leachate pH in the anaerobic bioreactor maintained below 6.5, while in the hybrid bioreactor quickly increased from 5.6 to 7.0 due to the aeration. The temporary aeration resulted in lowering COD and BOD5 in the leachate. The volume of methane collected from the hybrid bioreactor was 400 times greater than that of the anaerobic bioreactor. Also, the methane production rate of the hybrid bioreactor was improved within a short period of time. After about 10 months’ operation, the total methane production in the hybrid bioreactor was 212 L (16 L/kg waste).

Q. Xu, X. Jin, Z. Ma, H. Tao, & J. H. Ko (2014) Methane production in simulated hybrid bioreactor landfill, Bioresource Technology 168:92-96.

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