Promise of Seoul: Taking Action Against Climate Change


Seoul Metropolitan Government
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Policies, Plans & Regulations
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The Promise of Seoul is a comprehensive strategy and integrated approach to both mitigation and adaptation as a way to actively tackle climate change. It is comprehensive and covers all areas of climate change, including energy, air quality, transportation, resource recycling, water, ecology, urban agriculture, health, safety and urban planning.

The document is not only declarative in nature but is also practical and focuses on action. It suggests specific visions and tasks for each area as well as current status, targets and action plans for each task, 

The Promise of Seoul is a goal-oriented policy with indicators for each area and task, with 2020 and 2030 set as progressive target years.

The policies were created as a bridge to facilitate the shift to the Post-2020 Climate Change Regime prior to the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris in December of 2015 (COP21). 

Promise of Seoul reaffirms the vital role cities play in making substantial reductions in GHG emissions and actively responding to climate change.


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