MinErgy Nepal is a group of organizations dedicated to working on environment friendly, energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy at household and industrial level to provide improved energy, environment and health conditions.

Their objectives are: 

  • To provide sustainable solutions to prevalent economical, environmental, health and social issues
  • To provide skills and services in technology transfer management, technology development, techno-social integration and community empowerment to mitigate and adapt to climate change effects
  • To empower communities by adopting psycho-social approach in community mobilization and utilizing technological, economic and enterprise instruments.

MinErgy is involved in the Coalition's Bricks initiaitve. 

Find out more about the organisation on its website.


A construction drawing and guideline for the structural designs of Natural and Induced Draught Zig-Zag kilns proposed therein. The aim of this document is to provide step by step guidance in...


Gusingal - 02, Sanepa
Lalitpur, P.O. Box: 9354
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