IKEA's vision is to create a better everyday life for many people. It supports this vision by balancing economic growth and positive social impact with environmental protection and regeneration. To create a better everyday life for the many, we must take on the challenges that face us, together.

IKEA has committed to becoming Climate Positive by 2030 and it wants to contribute to a world of clean air. It will do this by actively reducing pollutants from its value chain, enabling people to purify the air in their homes, and collaborating with others.

IKEA is an actor in the Coalition’s agriculture initiative. 

We work in a number of ways to inspire and enable people to live a better life within the limits of the planet. Giving people access to clean air is a priority. IKEA’s Better Air Now initiative is one ways we’re working towards a world of clean air. By repurposing rice straw residues into a raw material for products, we can give farmers in Northern India an alternative to open burning. Air pollution coming from open burning is a complex issue, and at IKEA we know one of the most important ways we can help improve global air quality is to partner with others. That’s why we’ve joined the Climate and Clean Air Coalition – to learn from others and amplify the impacts of our clean air actions.
Alexandra Galef
Global lead on air quality at IKEA


Tulpanvägen, 343 34 Älmhult


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