Uganda - Support national planning processes for SLCP mitigation and deliver National Methane Roadmap


This project will advance work previously funded by the CCAC  to finalize “Phase 1” of the national planning process for short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) mitigation, equipping Uganda’s Ministry of Water and Environment to include SLCP mitigation in its NDC implementation plan.

Project reference: Uganda - Support national planning processes for SLCP mitigation and deliver National Methane Roadmap [UG-22-001]


The project will achieve the following by its completion: 

  • Uganda’s government endorses the methane roadmap.
  • Uganda’s government integrates SLCPs into their NDC implementation plan and GHG emission inventory development processes.
  • Uganda’s government has improved estimates of methane emissions from key sectors to apply the IPCC Tier 2 methodology.


What we're doing

The main project deliverables are: 

  • Training to a National SLCP Unit that includes building capacity for: 
    • The integration of SLCPs into NDC implementation plan
    • The integration of SLCPs into greenhouse gas emission inventory development processes
    • preparing a SLCP analysis
    • Resource mobilization for mitigation measures
  • Workshops to improve estimates of methane emissions from major sources including oil and gas, agriculture, and waste by collecting data to improve methane emissions estimates and applying IPCC Tier 2 methodology for Uganda
  • An assessment report  that sets out the mitigation potential of priority methane mitigation measures in oil and gas, agriculture (including soil carbon capture, storage and use- CCSU) and waste in Uganda taking into consideration measures already included in the NDCs.
  • A methane roadmap that follows a methodology agreed with the CCAC Secretariat and is aligned with the national SLCP plan and NDCs.

Who's involved

Activity contact

CCAC Secretariat
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