Aerosols and trace gases characterization over Indo-Gangetic plain in semi-arid region


Kumar, R., & K. M. Kumari
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Scientific Publications
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This paper deals with measurements of aerosols, their chemical properties and precursor trace gases at Agra in the Indo-Gangetic plain. The average TSPM level is 441.2 μg m−3 and ranges between 60.8 μg m−3 and 1004.6 μg m−3 which are higher than National Ambient Air Quality Standard Values of India. High wind speed from North West direction influences the aerosol load. TSPM load is higher during prefoggy/foggy days and lower during post foggy days. NH4+ concentration is highest followed by NO3, SO42−, Cl, K+, Ca2+, Na+, Mg2+ and F. The high concentration of NH4+ may be probably due to nearby cattle yard, use of fertilizers and biogenic emissions. The concentration of trace gases SO2, NO2, HNO3 and NH3 are 20.8 μg m−3, 26.3 μg m−3, 1.6 μg m−3, 18.6 μg m−3, respectively. The transportation of urban plumes may be responsible for high concentration of SO2 and NO2. HNO3/NO3 ratio is less than unity. There was no correlation between SO2 and SO42−. The ratio of SO42− + NO3− + Cl/NH4+ are 1.8 and 2.3, respectively indicate that acidifying components are not neutralized only by NH4+ion.

Kumar, R., & K. M. Kumari (2015) Aerosols and trace gases characterization over Indo-Gangetic plain in semiarid region, URBAN CLIMATE 12:11-20.

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