The Press Sometimes Gets it Wrong - New Study Finds Model’s Impact Black Carbon Most Likely About Right


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Scientific Advisory Panel Updates
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Dr. Drew Shindell – Chair of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) – addresses misconceptions revealed by the Guardian article “Climate Impact of Black Carbon Severely Overestimated,” on the Hodnebrog et al. study, published in Nature Communications.

The Guardian reporting mischaracterizes the results of the Hodnebrog study, calling into question the climate impact of this dangerous pollutant. The article’s conclusions were based on extremely selective reporting on the results of the study, and a more comprehensive analysis might have concluded that the paper actually reported that “Climate Impact of Black Carbon may be Overestimated, or Perhaps Underestimated, but is Most Likely About Right.”

Author: Dr. Drew Shindell


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