Policy Recommendations to Jalisco State

Policy Recommendations to Jalisco State


Jorge Daniel Taillant and Camilo Quintero, Center for Human Rights and Environment (CHRE)
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Guidelines & Tools
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Within the framework of the Brick Initiative of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), and of the activities of the Public Policy Network of Latin America for the Clean Production of Bricks (PAN LAC), the following document is a series of reflections and recommendations for the elaboration of public policies aimed at promoting reductions of pollutants coming from the artisanal brick sector, including emanations of black carbon and other toxic gases, and improving the productive efficiency of the manufacture of artisanal bricks in order to improve income of the producers and thus also their quality of life. These recommendations comply with the deliverable of Activity 4.1, the Action Plan agreed between the CCAC and the Center for Human Rights and Environment (CHRE / CEDHA), reference number DTIEXX-ENXXX of the project funded by the CCAC, in charge of CHRE / CEDHA.




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