The Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area is an active member in the Coalition's Municipal Solid Waste Initiative city network and the BreatheLife campaign.

As an actor in the Coalition, Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area is taking strong leadership on integrated action on climate and air pollution. It is one of two regions in Colombia that are part of the global BreatheLife campaign and is committed to raise awareness about the health and climate impacts from air pollution.

CCAC Activities

Workstream | Waste
All communities, from large megacities to smaller towns and villages, generate waste. In almost all cases, communities are the primary decision makers when it comes to local waste management. They...
Activity | Health, National Planning and Policy
BreatheLife is a global campaign that mobilizes cities and individuals to take action on air pollution to protect our health and the planet. The campaign is led by the World Health Organization (WHO...



Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area


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