Tackling Air Pollution for our Health and the Planet

10 November, 2022
14:30 Egypt Standard Time (EGY)
15:30 Egypt Standard Time (EGY)
Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt


Blue Zone | We Mean Business Pavilion
Side event of CCAC at COP27

Air pollution.jpg

“Air pollution is the biggest environmental health problem and is affecting everyone from developing and developed countries, rich and less rich,” said Maria Neira, Director of Public Health and the Environment for WHO.

The OECD and World Bank project that the welfare costs associated with premature deaths from outdoor air pollution will cost the global economy $18–25 trillion in 2060. Join this session in Auditorium A to hear from the companies that launched the Alliance for Clean Air, the first global private sector initiative to tackle air pollution.

Agenda forthcoming. 

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Event contact

Nathan Borgford-Parnell,
Science Affairs Coordinator
secretariat [at] ccacoalition.org
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